Benefits & Perks

The benefits & perks of working at Family Support Center include wellness and work life balance. In order for our employees to maintain good health we believe in an engaged work force, preventative care through regular visits for wellness screenings and practicing good self-care by taking time off to relax.


We offer medical, dental and vision plans, to our Full Time employees, using respected industry leaders who care about your wellbeing as much as we do.

Transparency and coverage:

Time Off

Full time staff participate in a tiered, per years of service, PTO accrual plan starting at 13 days per year in addition to 6 paid US holidays.


A large portion of our client / employee successes can be attributed to our training programs.

At Family Support Center we have a dedicated BCBA to provide extensive, one of a kind training for our RBTs. As an RBT you will enjoy paid training, paid exams, and paid credentialing & re-credentialing. Our training is offered through a variety of modalities including online, in person classroom and demonstration.

As a BCBA we promote peer collaboration and engagement at conferences both locally and nationally. We also promote annual training days to develop and learn new skills in an area that interests you.

Career Development

Here at Family Support Center you’ll have a broad range of opportunities. You may sprint through the levels as a Behavior Technician, become a new hire mentor as a Candidate or spearhead a research project as a BCBA; either way we are here to support your development. You set the goals and we will assist and coach you providing a framework with tools and resources to help you succeed.

You aren’t locked into one career path here at Family Support Center. We have lots of growth opportunities that span across both clinical and administrative.


We believe the most successful teams promote sharing knowledge, experiences and resources. We expect that our tenured staff assist with training of our new staff allowing staff to learn from the experiences of others and promote professional and personal growth.