HQ: 1330 Quail Lake Loop Colorado Springs, CO 80906
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Location of services

Location of services:

Center-based ABA therapy
Our centers are designed to keep clients engaged and motivated. We have separate treatment areas for our early intervention children and adolescents to ensure age appropriate stimuli and activities.

Home-based ABA therapy
Our in-home services are designed to maximize parent involvement and support. Our clinical team is trained to provide feedback to caregivers on challenging behavior and to assist with skill acquisition in the child’s natural environment.
Our focus with home sessions depends on the individual child and are typically used in conjunction with center sessions to maximize progress and generalization of learned skills.

Community-based ABA therapy
Our community services are designed to assist with generalization of learned skills into a more natural environment. Our clinical team is able to support client participation during activities.

Our staff is trained to provide support during restaurant outings, haircuts, medical visits, extracurricular activities, swimming, and even during transportation to and from events.